Solar Water Heater  (Thermosyohon)

Megasun solar water heaters

Save on electricity bills and protect the environment with the MEGASUN state-of-the-art solar water heaters.

Solar Water Heaters Helioakmi S.A. - manufacturers of solar energy systems since 1976, with MEGASUN solar water heaters for residential and commercial use being one of its superior products.

The MEGASUN solar panels and solar heaters are globally known for their excellent quality, great performance and resistance to any conditions, allowing economy on power and thus protection of the environment

Different Sizes:  120, 200, 260 and 300 litres

Megasun solar water heaters sizes

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Compact Solar Water Heater

As the COMPACT uses natural circulation, it does not require any thermal fluids for the heat exchange, thus providing a 15% faster performance in comparison with other conventional solar water heaters. The parabolic design of the COMPACT enables the utilization of direct and indirect radiation, achieving thus high levels of thermal efficiency.   Megasun compact solar water heater

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Forced Circulation  Solar Water Heater

Megasun forced circulation solar water heater

The forced circulation system MEGASUN consists of the following components:

  • Boiler with one tube heat exchanger (type VS-BL1) or with two tube heat exchangers (type VS-BL2) on a wooden palette and wrapped with stretch film.
  • One (1), Two (2), or Three (3) collectors which are protected during their transport with 4 plastic elbows of hard plastic.
  • Cardboard box with all of the accessories (except pipes and wires) which are required for the installation of the system like hydraulic kit, expansion pot, differential thermostat with plastic case, antifreeze liquid and various connection accessories in individual plastic packaging. Externally the box refers to the model of the system for which the accessories are for.
  • Cardboard box with the metal plates of the support base, the screws, moly plugs, the bolts etc.

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