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Alensy has only been working with the world top 10 PV Module and Inverter manufacturers. When shortlisting from the world top 10 manufacturers, we go on to look at the sustainability and financial health of these companies to ensure they will be around in the long run. Lastly Alensy looks at technologies that have a track record in Namibia especially with the PV Modules as Namibia’s heat and solar irradiation conditions are harsher than the rest of the world. 


Alensy only procures polycrystalline and monocrystaline panels, why?

  • 62% of All Global PV Technologies Produced is Polycrystalline and is growing as other technologies are declining in Global market share.
  • Poly and Mono crystalline modules have a 30 year proven track record in Namibia’s harsh conditions. No other technology has survived the harsh conditions of Namibia’s Sunlight.


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